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[SCANDAL] Son Dambi’s Queen MV hit with plagiarism allegations

Singer Son Dambi released her music video for title song Queen back on the 7th where we got to see a fresh new video featuring the diva that was enjoyed by most.

Well, it turns out her music video director decided to take an easy way out according to some netizens.

On the 8th, netizens noticed the similarity in both Son Dambi’s Queen music video and Syfy’s TV miniseries, Alice which aired in America last year.

The photos above show the scenes that were clearly plagiarized with Queen to the left and Alice to the right.

Pledis Entertainment agency officials stated, “We did not think this would start a plagiarism controversy. We will speak with the music video director who will then release an official statement.”

It seems that the plagiarism accusations haven’t been slowing down lately . It’s just too bad that Son Dambi was the target and she was probably unaware.

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