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SHINee’s Minho bares his abs for comeback photo

The Old Minho

SHINee will finally make a comeback with their second full-length album on the 19th! To tease their fans, SM Entertainment has released a picture of Minho topless.

It’s been a while since Ring Ding Dong so I think everyone is excited for this one. Not to mention, a topless photo of a male idol with Indian accessories is definitely the way to start. Who knew Minho had a six pack?

They will continue to reveal each members’ comeback photos until the 12th.

The boys will make their first comeback stage on the 16th on Music Bank.

And this is, the new Minho.

Yeah, Minho has abs!! Omona.. i think Flames getting crazy because this photos (just like me. because I’m a Flames too. Haha). And i think SM concept for all artist who doing comeback this year is MUSCLES. (look at Super Junior  members, they all have muscles now). Well, yeah SM Entertainment is know how to make their fans still waiting and give surprise to them.


One response

  1. omg i freackin love minho and loves these pics to lol *he’s my husband*

    October 4, 2010 at 8:32 am

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