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Heechul picks Sungmin as his ideal DJ partner for Youngstreet?

Super Junior has recorded a special video for Melon and the video is named ‘ Melon special with SJ’. The video is comical because the ‘concept’ for this video is that all of the members have to wear sunglasses during the interview.

During this interview, Super Junior answered questions from Melon, which probably are questions from fans. There are questions like ‘ Does ryeowook have a girlfriend?’, ‘ dancingkyu’ , etc.

One of the question was,’ Because Heechul is doing DJ by himself, when seeing Eeteuk and Eunhyuk doing double DJ, is there any member he wants to DJ with?
Instead of saying that he just wants to do radio by himself, he replied saying, ‘ i think Sungmin is alright( being his partner).’ This surprises many netizens and some of them even said that in fact, his attitude towards the members have changed after releasing their 4th album.

Indeed, Heechul has been more active in promoting activities, and has revealed his close relationship with the members on twitter.

Source by Ting18♥@dailykpopnews

Credits: pinkninjaish@YT

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