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Heechul talks about Yunho on YoungStreet Radio

Heechul: When I was about 21 years old, DBSK’s Uknow Yunho and I, the two of us before debut…with Uknow Yunho…when the two of us went around…Yunho’s height is 184cm and I’m 177 cm. I’m shorter and I would go around with my hair tied like this and go around wearing something pink. Yunho wanted to get a present for a girl he liked. He wanted to go together to pick out a ring. We went into the store. Yunho was talking to an employee and I was just looking around in the back. Then she said oh this ring is good. She looked at me and said ahh, it’s for the two of you. You look good together. Right then, I was aaargg..a little annoyed but if I objected and said I’m a guy right there, they might think like…waaaah what’s this?! They might be shocked…so I just said…ah, yes (lol nodded his head and said it very politely and femininely) That’s what I did..because if I said, what are you doing/suggesting…there might be an even more confusing/weird situation..so…but nowadays since I’ve debut (more people recognize him so now people know him as just as pretty guy)

Credits: gayoung26218@YT + lovelyunho@JungYunhoSoompiForums + DBSKnight.net
Source : Daily Kpop News


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  1. Although.. there are many people said you look like a girl/woman. I still like you oppa. Because you are our Cinderella Casey Kim. oppa.. saranghae!! xD

    July 5, 2010 at 7:41 am

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