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4Minute and Big Bang to perform on Live Alarm-Fuji at United States of Odaiba

Fuji Television had decided to make a live concert called Live Alarm-Fuji. The concert will be held at United States of Odaiba. There are many artistes that Fuji Television had invited such as AI, BENI, Big Bang, Moriyama Tadashi and others, but not to forget 4Minute. Eventhough 4Minute is pretty busy with all of their schedules at Korea, they still wants to perform, but because of the tight schedules Fuji Television decided to change the date of 4Minute performances. The agents said that 4Minute will make a very extraordinary performances with their latest songs such as “HuH”, “I My Me Mine”, “Muzik” and many other. 4Minute will make their performances at 2nd of August 2010 (Monday).

Source: FujiTV
Translation + Reporting: 4MINUTE Utau@4-minute.com
Special Thanks to kueensora@4-minute.com
Credits : Syee22@DailyKpopNews

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