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2AM and the Wonder Girls in San Diego

2AM’s Jo Kwon sure likes to update us on his experiences touring with the Wonder Girls. Yesterday we reported about his adventures in Seattle. 2AM and the Wonder Girls have flown down to San Diego for their show tonight. Here we have pictures of 2AM at the San Diego airport.

Jo Kwon tweeted a photo of himself holding a fan-made 2AM sign.

“2AM in san diego = ]“

Soon after he posted,

“2AM in san diego = ] It’s 3pm here~~The weather is awesome!!!>_<“

Jo Kwon also plugged 2AM’s Singapore showcase next week,

“Asian Fans! Meet 2AM at Singapore Showcase on 10 July. Plus,Get Singapore ver.2AM Album at Showcase.”

Later, the Wonder Girls tweeted,

“Sun, Changmin and Yubin taking photos of Kwon and Seulong. WE LOVE THIS WEATHER! SAN DIEGO!“

And here the other photos of the Wonder Girls in San Diego.

credits : chloejn @allkpop

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