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Yoogeun on TV again – but not wearing pants?

In this recent video, Yoogeun was seen crying and acting like a difficult child – not eating and throwing tantrums. (Sounds like what you would see in SHINee Hello Baby?)


2010 SMTOWN Summer Album Song List


1.Happy Summer –SMTOWN

2. Summer Time–SNSD

3. The Island’s imprint/ footprint**-Super Junior

4. Jump Jump Non-stop*–f(x)

[Video] Many Performance at MBC Music Core July 3rd

Infinite – Come Back Again

Sistar – Push Push

4minute – I My Me Mine


[News] ‘SS501′ Park Jung Min “Although discussing with Taiwan Sony, contract not signed yet”

Credit: http://www.cbs.co.kr/nocut/show.asp?idx=1517148
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OK… another news surfaced…

Seems like Jung Min only in the discussing stage with TW Sony… contract not signed yet…

Nowadays… news is getting more and more confused..

How can they post something not confirmed yet in News portal… TT

So please forget the post before…


Anyway, I think we need to wait for some more times for our boys’ further decision

Let’s be patient and hope for the best again ^^

BTW, Jung Min just left a message in DSP… sweet Min…

Message and translation will be up ^^



[Triple S][English Translation] SS501 Park Jung Min new message @ DSP ~ This is Jung Min..^^ (2010-07-03 PM 1:51:49)

Credit: http://ss501.dspenter.com/
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So sweet Jung Min…

He must know that we are worry…

So he left a message after the news is out ^^

A very long one indeed…

Jung Min really is thorough about the explanation of the situation…

I just know that now no matter what will be happening in the future…

All members had already consulted and continued to meet with each others to give out the best result…

That’s all I need to hear for now…

Because I know I can trust them in their own choice … all for the good of SS501 ^^

It’s really a tough time for them all… so let them decide and support silently is the best to do…
SS501 fighting… !!!!!



[RUMOURS] SHINee’s 2nd Album Tracklist


2AM and the Wonder Girls in San Diego

2AM’s Jo Kwon sure likes to update us on his experiences touring with the Wonder Girls. Yesterday we reported about his adventures in Seattle. 2AM and the Wonder Girls have flown down to San Diego for their show tonight. Here we have pictures of 2AM at the San Diego airport.


FT Island’s Brand New Days full MV released

FT Island’s new Japanese Single, Brand New Days’ MV is released! Check out the MV below now! Don’t you primadonnas miss hongki’s voice, jonghun and seunghyun’s guitars, jaejin’s bass and minhwan’s drums? Hope this song will do well!

Video thanks to zcandyflossz @youtube

Kyuhyun’s Video Message to promote KRY Japan Concert

Following Ryeowook’s and Yesung’s promotional video messages to fans, here comes Kyuhyun’s video message with translations by cherylma and 百度圭贤(赵奎贤)吧 @ gyuhyunbar.com and subtitles by nickestiara. Here’s the video:

The Super Junior KRY Concert in Japan will be held on the 1st of August 2010, there will be two shows, one in the afternoon and one at night.

Cr. @dkpopnews

2pm and CNBlue showdown of concerts in S.Korea

It’s going to be a showdown of concerts in South Korea as 2 of the popular idols 2pm and CNBlue are going to have their own solo concerts on the same day!

2pm has announced their first solo concert that will be held on July 31 and August 1 in KAIST and Seoul Olympic Park. 2pm member’s will be showing their own individual charms on the concert with their solo stages and a lot of anticipation are set for the group’s first independent concert.


F.T. Island Releases MV Preview

The music video preview for the upcoming F.T. Island Japanese single “Brand New Day” has finally been revealed today. Their Japanese single is due for a July 14th release.


Jo Kwon announces 2am’s showcase in Singapore on July 10!

Jo Kwon of 2am has announced that 2am will be having a showcase in Singapore!

Jo Kwon updated his twitter on the third and he said, “Asian fans! Come to meet 2am in Singapore on July 10!”. Look’s like they are going to release their Singapore version of their album on the showcase as well.