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New 2PM & SNSD Advertisements for Carribean Bay!

2PM and SNSD join forces once again! For those of you who couldn’t get enough of 2PM/SNSD action in the Caribbean Bay CF, newly released advertisements for the water park bring these two popular groups together again!

Back in May, members of 2PM and SNSD steamed up the screen with their mega popular CF for the water park, Caribbean Bay. For that particular CF, only three members from each group participated, but this time around, all the members from both 2PM and SNSD took part in the photoshoot, meaning a gathering of 15 of your favorite idols!

Instead of continuing with the ’sexy’ concept of the first Caribbean Bay CF, these advertisements put off a more fun and family-friendly vibe, with the idols sporting cat ears and shooting water guns!

Huwaa.. i really want to go to Korea and spend my summer holiday at Carribean Bay. ugh.. The Carribean Bay’s baywatch are so cool. xD

source: @dkpopnews. Thanks a lot!!

One response

  1. cicidestywookie

    ehm bagus :)) hahahaha
    tapi saya ga bisa bacanya, mian :*

    July 2, 2010 at 2:42 pm

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