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CN Blue At Star Chosun Interview

pict credit : as labelled

Mission Code

Each of CN Blue members will given mission which is containing specific information to share questions and gives the answer. The time limit is less than 5 minutes, they have to quickly give the answer. If they skip the correct answer, mission will goes wrong. After the timeout, everyone won’t give chance for correction :
If the two do not have match answer : they have to talk about each one solved, with all the heads together and figure out the answer. (Members perform all penalties)

If they correct answer : they have to solved this way for members to demonstrate.
(Aligned members do not hit the penalty to members)

The winner will trade a small gift (they have prepared before), and for the penalties they have to fit their head.

Below are the cut from their personal interview.

CN Blue Kang Minhyuk: “about FT Island’s drummer Minhwa,ummm. ..”

CN Blue’s drummer and the youngest Kang Minhyeok. Has been doing as an MC musical activities as well as working for music broadcast, he said “MCountdown…was helping me so much to improve… (laughs) So far, a lot of rookies group have personal activities, and they help me a lot with so much fun. Actually, because he’s the youngest, he have more the question, “for me mentaly we are pretty much the same (Minhwa), we are under the oldest. Nowadays the spirit of the fans increase more than I love the fans …”

CN Blue Jungshin, Miss. ..

CN Blue Skinny Jeans Lee Jungshin,is in charge of the bass. The base of their motivation, “Surrounding by the band through friends, the charming and diverse state can also became attracted. “Auditions at the past, one-time he received attention as his pronounced, the current dental decided to abstain for the time being and not really convictions,” for sure, you have to go rhythmically to the beat. The difficult part,…

CN Blue Jonghyun, a busy schedule?

CN Blue Lee Jonghyun in charge of the guitars and vocals. Wondered how to assimilate and collaborating with leaders, “Our musical style is different to each other. Hyung is like hip-hop style of rhythmic music, and such as pupation, while I like JPOP and love of music with strong melodies. In particular, Japan’s (Bump of Chicken) and I love it. Music is to complement each other if you’re doing a lot of low points. “I always believe that personality is depends on their blood type …

CN Blue Jung Yonghwa, ‘We are the Beatles? Very ..

CN blue guitar and vocals, the leader Jung Yonghwa. A band position would be very depending on the style you like, as a leader he said “The songs was from their personal taste. Okay, usually we listen/insipired by other’s band and listen to their music. I’m finally have good songs. So far, no disagreement at all, or just find a job that you like, it’s been a mutual respect for the genre. “Music and the host…

Credit : 릴 레이인터뷰 @Star Chosun
Video : cnbluesoul@Youtube
Posted and rough translation by omonOona@cnbluestorm

Many thanks to CN Blue storm !^^

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