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CN Blue Jonghyun and Jungshin at KBS Cool FM Sukira

Transcript translated by saturn@soompi

The topic was’ First love’.
Mostly they just read letters from listeners. Questions to the guests were few.

Teuk: What do you remind first if you think of your first love?
Jong Hyun: Son Ye Jin. She resembled Son Ye Jin, really pretty.
Jung Shin: Cat’s eyes. She had cat’s eyes.

Eun Hyuk: Now you became famous singer, if she call you again now, will you meet her?
Jong Hyun: First love is beautiful as a first love. I will bury it as a memory.
Jung Shin: I’m not sure. I need to meet her anyway.

Teuk: It’s first time for you two only being radio guests. How do you feel now?
Jung Shin : I don’t like it. I used to be with Yong Hwa hyung… It seems I must guide Jong Hyun hyung. And I don’t have head phone, only Jong Hyun hyung has.
Teuk: How about the seat allocation? Jong Hyun is sitting next to Krystal.
Jung Shin: That’s what he wanted so I’m OK.

First topic: The moment you cannot forget, such as first kiss?
(He asked it 15 minutes ago, but they didn’t answer, DJs asked it again)

Jong Hyun: Well, I am straightforward. My first kiss was when I was 2nd year of middle school, at the stairs of institute.
Teuk: Were you dating?
Jong Hyun: Actually not yet. I was trying to make her my girlfriend.
Teuk: How old was she?
Jong Hyun: Same age.
Jung Shin: Here’s a question from fan. “Jong Hyun oppa, you said you dated girls older than you only, did you lie?”
Jong Hyun: I like girls of same age too, ah younger too… oh I’m in panic.
Teuk: How was your feeling? Uh uh your manager stood up.
Jong Hyun: Uh it seems I may be beaten by him after I go home.
Teuk: OK I will ask you it again next year.

Second topic: My favorite physical contact

Fan’s letter: I like clasping hands
Jong Hyun: When I was young, I heard if you clasp hands, you break up easily. So I never clasp hands.
Teuk: Jong Hyun, what’s your favorite physical contact?
Jong Hyun: Back hugging and walking around. (backhug is not a proper English expression. but I don’t know how to translate it)
Teuk: Walking? That would be difficult. Well, you are tall, you can do it. Ideal height of girlfriend?
Jong Hyun: 165
Teuk : Krystal, how tall are you?
Krystal : I’m 165.
Teuk : By any chance, do you like backhug?
Krystal: No. Oppa, why are you teasing me?
Jong Hyun: Krystal’s face became red.
Teuk: Jung Shin, how about you?
Jung Shin: I like my girlfriend writes letters on my back by her finger.
Jong Hyun: Aren’t you a pervert?
Jung Shin: I really hate it if someone else does, but I like it if my girlfriend does.
Jong Hyun: You’re too high to write on your back.
Jung Shin: It’s ok if I’m sitting down.
Jong Hyun: He is too tall, it bothers me sometimes.
Teuk: How tall are you?
Jung Shin: 186
Jong Hyun: Actually, he is 187, but he seems to hate to grow.
Teuk: Do you decrease your height?
Jong Hyun: If he’s 186, we all look shorter compared to him.
Jong Hyun : (fan’s letter) “I like my boyfriend blows into my ear.” This girl seems to be a pervert too.
(In Korean, Byuntae (pervert, twisted) is commonly used. I don’t know how in English)

Third topic: The most goosebumping words you’ve ever heard?

Jong Hyun: (fan’s letter) Love me just one second, then I will love you for the rest of time.
(DJs complained him that his voice was too dry, so Jong Hyun tried 2 more times, but still the same, dry.)
Jung Shin : (fan’s letter) I asked him what he ate as dinner, he answered “Your love” (very cheesy tone)
Krystal: (fan’s letter) If it snows as much as I love you, spring will never come.

Click HERE to download the audio version. Or HERE to download video.

Credit: 오징어땅콩 @ jungyonghwa.net+chiara@wordpress
Source : CN Blue Storm


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