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CNBLUE’s 1st Korean Concert gets Sold Out in 1 Day!

CNBlue who are having their first solo concert in Korea on July 31 had the ticket sales start on the 28th and after 1 day of sales it has been sold out!

CNBlue already had sold out concerts in Japan, and Korea follows, every single concert they held get’s sold out holding a remarkable record. This concert had not even started in it’s promotions and the concert is already sold out!

Sales started on the 28th of June at 8pm, and when it started the servers on online starts started slowing down showing symptoms of crashing due to huge response from fans.

FNC Said, “There has been a lot of calls from oversea’s fans from Japan, Thailand and Taiwan to inquire about purchasing the tickets, the member’s are very happy about their first concert getting sold out and they are very nervous about it. The member’s are practicing hard and they have been very busy with their schedule“.

CNBlue are just rookie’s but they have already performed at a 2,000 audience which is rare for a rookie group, Their agency are just realizing that CNBlue are experiencing such a high rising popularity.

CNBlue has been devoted to practicing for their first live concert in July 31.

Source: Starnews
Credits: Blueprincess824 @ Dailykpopnews
taken from : CN Blue storm

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