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Actor Park Yong Ha commits suicide, Drama Series ‘Love Song’ Threatened Cancel

Seoul, Park Yong-ha, South Korean actor found dead at his residence. Before the suicide, Park plans to perform in the drama series ‘Love Song’.

As reported by allkpop, Wednesday (30/06/2010), ‘Love Song’ is a television drama series, adapted from the Chinese film ‘Comrades: Almost a Love Story’. In the movie, Park agreed to become the main star.

‘Love Song’ by Oh Soo Yun worked on the previous success through the ‘Winter Sonata’, the series also starring Park. In addition to Park, the series will also be starring actress Yoon Eun-Hye.

The plan, ‘Love Song’ is scheduled to begin shooting in August. However, it seems the plan would fail, after the actor who is now 32-year-old was found hanging himself on Wednesday (6/30/2010), 5:30 pm local time.

Seoul Metropolitan Police said Park hanging himself with a cell phone charger cord. But until now the police are still doing further investigation.

SOURCE : Detik Indonesia

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