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[News] SS501 Kim Hyun Joong “SS501 is not official dissolution”

OK… don’t want to say anymore…

READ it yourself

No matter how hard the possibility will be … I still believe in Hyun Joong

For me… the same as before… LOVE and TRUST !!!

PS: Since many of you not really understand the news because it is kind of complication with business decision.

(Here is the Brief explanation: OK… This news means Hyun Joong’s friend said that his willingness to continue as in SS501 is high.  Now as of this moment, SS501 is not disband officially… because don’t forget SS501 is not only having one person, the fact of SS501′s future depends on all five members and DSP.  So what’s the fact at this moment is Hyun Joong is not DSP’s artist already.  The other four members are not decided yet.  So SS501′s future… is depends on the cooperation of Key East (Hyun Joong’s agency now) and the future agency (May or may not be DSP) of others 4 members.  What is true is all five of them don’t want SS501 to disband)


“SS501 is not official dissolution”

Kim Hyun Joong holding hand with Bae Yong Joon, while some has been cited that the team Dissolution is gonna happen.

However, where Kim Hyun Joong latest acquaintances mentioned the fact to Sports Korea alone confirmed ”There is no formal dissolution”.  An official said “Kim Hyun-joong this year worry was deep for his career.  Even if you walk just a move, there is no official dissolution of the team and will adhere to the basic position.  Says to the acquaintances until recently thus. Seems that will maintain SS501 where held in some kind of form.”

Variables remain.  If the team continues, the worry of operating method is deep.  From the myth of ex-example, if a member moves as one agency, although does not matter, the possibility is thin from the present point of view.  In the case of GOD, also as agency based on different company, the possibility that will go into a time limit action is perceived.

Above all, the yes or no of where Key East Kim Hyun-joong  joined hand would guarantee SS501 activities is also the concern.  This is the same with the other members.  Although that the continuance will of the members is high, understanding the relationship between agency must match if the project activity is possible.

The fans were enveloped in shock for the news of Kim Hyun-joong’s transfer.  But Kim Hyun-joong is having a team continuance will, as for official dissolution, there is not at this moment. Changes to the basic principles identified above is waiting for your reaction.

DSP media agency side said about the circulation “Heo Young Saeng, Kim Kyu Jong, Park Jung Min, Kim Hyung Jun, do not determine one’s attitude condition yet.  Members will take a while to break (one’s attitude to the future) and decide.”

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