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MBLAQ’s message for the Taeguk Warriors as they head towards the 3rd round

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The South Korean team has advanced to the second round of the World Cup for the first time on foreign soil. On the upcoming 26th of June, they will face Uruguay, and stars have come out to send messages of support to the players.
MBLAQ, who has a lot of interest in soccer, said a few comments to the South Korean team.

“We are happy that our soccer team representing South Korea exists, because it has the ability to bring the entire country into one. Whatever the result ends up being, please show us a great image by using fair play.” (G.O)
“I’ve been playing soccer on a variety program, and I’ve even hurt my ankle. It was really hard. Before, I only enjoyed soccer and did not know the hardships the players go through, but now I feel like I can understand it just a little. You guys are amazing, and I respect you!” (Lee Joon)
“Like the saying, ‘our dream will come true’, won’t the dream come true faster if we all come together as one and support our players with one mind?” (Thunder)

–rest of star’s messages omitted due to irrelevance to MBLAQ–

Reporter: Lee YoonJi
Source: http://news.nate.com/view/20100625n06934 (Nate News)
Translator: ilovepocky @ AbsoluteMBLAQ

Please do not take out without credits.

cr : WeiTing`~@DKpopNews


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