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Archive for June 26, 2010

[VIDEO] Music Core 260610

IU ft Seulong

CN BLUE – Love

Orange Caramel – Magic Girl

Sistar – Push Push

D-NA – Stumble Stumble

4minute – Huh

Infinite – Come Back Again

Hangeng cooperating with MJ’s dance crew; 2 billion redemption fee is a fake news

Hangeng, who decided to walk his own path, is having a good mood recently. After the announcement in Great Walls that he decided to work on his own, Hangeng was invited to be a guest in Happy Camp on 24 June. Thousands of fans (more…)

SHInee Onew’s Fanboard Message Digg It Buzz It


MBLAQ’s message for the Taeguk Warriors as they head towards the 3rd round

img cr: http://img713.imageshack.us/img713/3997/2568511.jpg

The South Korean team has advanced to the second round of the World Cup for the first time on foreign soil. On the upcoming 26th of June, they will face Uruguay, and stars have come out to send messages of support to the players.
MBLAQ, who has a lot of interest in soccer, said a few comments to the South Korean team.


Victoria’s confession about first recording of IY!

F(x) Victoria relieved her thoughts about the first recording of ‘Invincible Youth’.
Victoria stated on yesterday’s broadcast, “It was so fun last week.”


BEAST’s six figure sales in Singapore?

The boys of BEAST are currently enjoying their Asia Tour, they were in the Phillipines last week and recently visited Singapore. Soon after their arrival, BEAST hosted an open fan meeting on the 24th, where more than 3,000 fans attended to meet their idols.