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[Video] Many performance at Music Bank, June 25th

CN Blue – I’m a Loner and LOVE

After School – Bang

Seo InYoung – Written As Love and Call it Pain

IU – 2AM Seulong – Nagging

T-ara – I Go Crazy Because of You

2PM – Without You

Super Junior – BONAMANA (Goodbye stage)

Kara – Lupin

f(x)- NU ABO

Gummy – Because of You

Waiting Room Interview – SNSD with 2AM


#1 – After School _ Marching Band

cr : shu8164 @YT

#2 – SNSD, Super Junior, KARA, 2AM, CNBLUE

2AM Jinwoon – Drummer
SNSD Taeyeon – Vocalist
CNBlue Jung Yong Hwa – Guitarist and Vocalist
SUPER JUNIOR Lee Sung Min – Guitarist
CNBlue Jung Shin – Bassist
KARA Goo Hara – Percussion
SNSD Seohyun – Keyboardist
KARA Gyuri – Keyboardist
CNBlue MinHyuk – Percussion

#3 – Male Idol Spesial Stage (Super Junior, 2AM, and 2PM)

#4 – Female Idol Spesial Stage (Kara, T-ara, f(x), and 4Minute) _ Chitty Chitty Bang Bang

#5 – Lyn, Hwayobi, and Gummy

#6 – SNSD _ Oh!


congratulation to SNSD!!!

All video credit : UnknownCarrot120@YT except video: After school_marching band

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