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Super Junior’s Eunhyuk admits being in a love triangle once

On this week’s episode of Happy Together Season 3, Super Junior’s Eunhyuk admitted being in a bitter love triangle once. Yes, perhaps the most typical element of all Korean dramas around but everyone loves it!

Eunhyuk began to tell his story by confessing that he had a girlfriend in the past who once dated another male celebrity before.

The boy continued, “One day, I was hosting for a music program as the main MC. On the show, the girlfriend’s ex-boyfriend came up on stage for his performance.

Then I got a text from my girlfriend which she meant to send to her ex-boyfriend. She was talking about the good memories with her ex-boyfriend while they were dating, like how he often made secret signs on stage for her.”

Infuriated, Eunhyuk admitted that he ran to the bathroom and broke his arm in anger. Everyone on the set expressed their sympathy for the idol boy after hearing his story.

After this heartfelt story was broadcast, the netizens pinpointed two specific idol stars that could possibly be the couple Eunhyuk was talking about.

According to their speculations, Eunhyuk’s ex-girlfriend is Lee Hyun Ji, an actress/model/singer, whereas his ex’s ex is Heo Youngsaeng of SS501. Now, that’s scandalous if you believe them of course.

*wwwaaaaaaaa >.< ENVIOUS

this is photo of Lee Hyun Ji

and she was featuring with ONEW SHINee

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