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CNBLUE’s Japanese single The Way released

Yesterday, CNBLUE leader Jung Yonghwa was able to free up some time in order to celebrate his birthday before their upcoming busy schedule with Japanese promotions.

The boys released their Japanese single entitled The Way which consists of four tracks:

    Part 1 – One Time
    Part 2 – Ready N’ Go
    Part 3 – Eclipse
    One Time Instrumental

The first two tracks shows off CNBLUE at their best with an up-beat rock n’ roll feel. The third track, Eclipse, is a ballad where Jonghyun in particular gets to show off his amazing vocals.

In addition, the release event for this single will be held twice and is as follows,

    2010/6/23 (Wed) at Shinsaibashi CLUB QUATTRO
    2010/6/26 (Sat) at Yokohama BLITZ

Part 1 – One Time
Composition: Jung Yonghwa,RYO
Lyrics: Jung Yonghwa

Part 2 – Ready N Go
Compositions: 한성호, J Soo
Lyrics: Jung Yonghwa

Part 3- Eclipse
Composition: Lee Jonghyun, RYO
Lyrics: CUL
Arrangement: RYO

credit : Kingpolo @allkpop

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