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Orange Caramel thanks Super Junior for Peanut Caramel parody

In response to Super Junior’s Heechul uploading photoshopped pictures of the fictitious group, Peanut Caramel starring certain Super Junior members, Orange Caramel has expressed their gratitude in an interview.

In the interview, the members said, “We saw the Peanut Caramel parody pictures on the internet and laughed for quite a long time.”

Super Junior fans had photoshopped the faces of Super Junior members, Ryeowook, Eunhyuk, Shindong and Heechul onto the faces of Orange Caramel members in their album cover picture. Heechul later uploaded the pictures on his Twitter and the rest is history as it caught on and became an instant hit.

They continued, “We are really grateful to them for doing this and we will be thanking them when we see them on music programs soon. The pictures looked really real and you have to look closely to realize that its photoshopped. We once again thank our sunbaes, Super Junior for promoting our name.”

Meanwhile, check out Heechul dancing to Magic Girl on Young Street.

CREDIT : GhostWriter@allkpop

here a recent photo from “peanut caramel”. kinda lazy. sorry not really update much

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