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Archive for June 21, 2010

Netizens dig up f(x)’s Victoria past

f(x)’s leader Victoria is the latest to have her past dug up by the FBI-like netizens in Korea.


Super Junior revealed Eunhyuk’s nickname ”The Old-fashioned Anchovy (Dried-Fish) with smelly feet”

Super Junior revealed… The nickname of Eunhyuk “The Old-fashioned Anchovy (Dried-Fish) with smelly feet”


Goo Hye Sun releases Brown Hair MV


Super Junior and f(x) get together to celebrate Ryeowook’s b-day

After Super Junior and f(x) took part in the One Heart Big Concert recently, they showed some SM family love and opened a surprise birthday party for Ryeowook who turns 23 on June 21st while on their way back to Seoul!


Jung Yonghwa meets “Seohyun” on Gag Concert


T.O.P in Turn It Up MV

T.O.P’s Turn It Up was sizzling when Big Bang screened the music video at the Big Show back in January, and it’s still blazing hot now – half a year after fans got the first whiff of T.O.P’s latest solo single, the music video has been officially released!


Wonder Girls come to Indonesia

I very sad because I can’t see wonder girl concert 😥

but I will give you a preview concert maybe a little ^^

aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa~~~~~~ they more beautiful right???

So, right again at the news session and unfortunately in order of most recent news, the same reporter a brief interview ngadain Wonder Girls. Because there is not find any videos … .

fact 1

1. Those present at the press conference while each take Sony Ericsson with the type of recall are different …I think the most expensive and newest held with Hye Lim …

2. They show little Nobody in front of all the journalists who were present …

3. Wonder Girls performing together with Vidi Aldiano and SHE in this showcase

4. When asked to give a little dance same reporter channel 5, they show half of the reff of 2DT.

5. I think the channel 5, who only know su nye name … coz Sun Ye, previous, Ye Eun fitting way, we do not have name tags at the bottom … *she looks more beautiful

fact 2:

1. Sun Ye pretty much originals … (though only clay in the TV, but could plasticity how white skin, and is very beautiful …)

2. Ga Sohee looks not healthy


I hear that Ye Eun will visit indonesia out the showcase from SE