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Nichkhun meets a look alike and reveals his piano skills on Star King

Netizens have eyed pianist Shin Ji Ho as 2PM’s Nichkhun’s look-alike.

On a recent Star King, Shin Ji Ho embarrassingly shared, “People have said that I resemble Nichkhun when I play the piano, but honestly I don’t think I look like him.”

As Nichkhun approached him for a greeting, Shin Ji Ho caused a lot of laughter by his flustered reaction when he blurted, “Don’t come any closer.” In his response to resembling Nichkhun, Shin Ji Ho said, “Thank you. I feel burdened to be compared to a really cool person.”

Pianist Shin Ji Ho is a graduate from the Berklee School of Music and was awarded the prestigious American Music Award presented to him by the president himself. After a clip of him playing piano was uploaded on a site, he has been receiving a lot of attention for his resemblance to Nichkhun.

Meanwhile, check out this segment from Star King of Nichkhun performing famous Korean pianist Yiruma’s Kiss the Rain, and his melodious duet with Shin Ji Ho on Brown Eyed Soul’s Nothing Better.

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