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CNBlue to hold a special live stage in Music Core!

CNBlue has received the Green sign to hold a live stage in this coming episode of Music Core!

CNblue announced on the 17th that they will be playing their musical instruments live on stage in MBC “Music Core” and they will perform “Love” from their second mini album.

They have wanted to perform live but due to stage problems as live instruments are hard to control on a closed studio, they were disappointed to not be able to perform their musical instruments live on stage, and they have been given the opportunity to make a special stage for them to perform live on stage.

On the 16th, they shared their thoughts of disappointment as to not being able to perform live on music shows and also they expressed that they were able to concentrate on their singing as playing an instrument and singing at the same time is hard to do and more stressful, but also it’s more easy and fun.

CNBlue’s special stage will be shown on the 19th episode of Music Core.

source: sportshankook
credits: blueprincess824 @ dailykpopnews


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