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Chinese fans calls for an apology from Super Junior

A group of Chinese fans are upset on Super Junior.

On various portal sites in China, articles by Super junior fans were posted online.

According to the Global Times, Super Junior fans gathered last May 30 in the Shanghai Expo 2010 where there were problems with the seating arrangements causing a stampede from fans and Chinese fans are calling for an apology from Super Junior.

Chinese fans are angry and protested on various popular Chinese sites, as well as in the official site of Super Junior by hacking, putting virus attacks and such actions waging their anger.

Thousands of fans gathered to watch Super Junior perform in the Expo but the event was short on tickets, and a lot of fans weren’t able to get tickets getting complaints from Chinese fans, there was even a report that due to the stampede, a fan died from the incident sparking more complaints.

On the official website of the Chinese fans of Super Junior, ” A lot of people as well as Super Junior are sad about this. We are sorry”.

source: starnews
credits: blueprincess824 @ dailykpopnews

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