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WGM producers speak out about their feelings on Kwonin couple & FO2 controversy

With rumors of of the Jo Kwon GaIn couple leaving the show continuing to surround the show, MBC WGM’s producers have made their point clear that no such thing will take place.

The reason behind the rumors is because of an appearance made by the Adam Couple on a recent episode of SBS’s ‘Family Outing 2.’ The Adam Couple image was created by MBC but spent by SBS, making the WGM producers heave a sigh at the broken business ethics.

However, the producers went on to state, “We make couples promise before they joined WGM that they will limit the amount of appearances they make together on other variety shows as a couple. That promise has been kept for more than two years and to have Kwon & GaIn break it now is extremely upsetting. But, it isn’t their fault. Since they’re doing it anyway, we hope that they do well and create a ‘pretty’ image for themselves.”

Regarding the rumors of them leaving the show, “We have things planned for them until the year end and a lot of unused recording still left. It’d be perfect if they didn’t go on Family Outing 2 but the waters already been split. We know that GaIn’s agency has rejected the offer (from FO2) numerous amount of times. We will not be taking the couple out of the show as an act of revenge.”

Rumors regarding the couple actually strengthened once more with the addition of Nichkhun and Victoria along with their three weeks of absence from recording.

“Every time such rumors come out, the celebrities themselves lose energy. It’s come to the point where we had to take them aside and tell them not be shaken up by it.” The producers showed a rather worried side about the Jo Kwon GaIn couple.

The couple still has a health club, Bali photo shoot, and wedding episodes still lined up for the show.

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