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Jo Kwon and Ga-In are not leaving We Got Married

It was revealed that popular “idol couple” Jo Kwon and Ga-In in variety show We Got Married have not recorded a new episode for about 3 weeks now.

Fans have therefore been worried that the couple might stop appearing in the program altogether, especially after the two filmed for variety show Family Outing Season 2 where Ga-In appeared as a guest, there has been some tension between the singers and the We Got Married staff members.

Because of this, there have been rumors going around that the Jo Kwon-Ga In couple will be replaced. However, affiliated We Got Married staff members have denied these rumors as baseless false information. The affiliated staff individuals stated, “The reason why Jo Kwon and Ga In have not been filming is because their allotted time have already been filmed. They are not being replaced, it’s just that many of their scenes that plans to be aired have not been aired yet.”

On the 26th, We Got Married will feature three couples: Jo Kwon-Ga In, Jung Yonghwa-Seohyun, and the newest couple addition Nickhun-Victoria.

credit : allkpop

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