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After School’s UEE criticized for having belly fat

It looks like After School’s UEE is the next target of netizens, as pictures of her promoting Bang! were recently uploaded to an After School-based online community.

Netizens have been quite harsh with her, exclaiming that they were shocked with her failed weight control and how Uee does nothing to stop the weight gain. Though cruel, netizens also defended the singer-turned-actress by saying the photos could have simply been edited by an anti-fan.

UEE is currently busy filming a drama Birdie Buddy, and some staff on-set commented saying “While shooting, a vigorous workout for the golfers is sometimes required. Though fully dedicated to what she (UEE) does, compared to the others, she seems just a bit overweight.”

What do you think? Fact or just overreacting again?

Credits : allkpop


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