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Interview with Jung Yong Hwa at Malay Epop


Super Junior asked Kyuhyun ” Stop the Dota, Quit the gaming, Be on twitter! ”

Do you want Kyuhyun to join twitter? I am pretty sure many of you will raise up your hands and say yes. Disappointedly, Kyuhyun has not join twitter yet although he plays Dota and StarCraft that often.


2AM is coming to Singapore?

It seems like 2AM will be stepping on our Singapore shores soon. How soon? The exact date is yet to be confirmed. However, it is confirmed that they’ll be appearing on the Sheng Siong Show on: 11 JULY 2010.

credits: Sgkpopnews

BEAST is ready to meet all the Beauties in Malaysia!

Korean boy band Beast is the next to visit Malaysia after U-Kiss. Lately, Malaysia’s Kpop fans are really very lucky because DKP has just reported that Brian will be coming to Malaysia on 10th of July. But this time, Beast will definitely shock you with their amazing performances in Malaysia which is coming soon.

Universal Music Malaysia has carried out a poll to see whether how many of the fans want to see Beast to perform in Malaysia. In order to bring the boys to Malaysia, Beauty has voted for more than 8000votes in only 3 days. Thus, Universal Music Malaysia sent the message for Cube Entertainment. Ultimately, Cube Entertainment was touched to see the passion and sincerity of fans so they had decided Malaysia will also be including in one of Beast’s Asian promotions stop.


Is it really an innocent magnae?

i didn’t know what i’ve to said just now! is that a magnae??? an innocent magnae, i mean? WOW Taemin had muscle already. how about other member? especially our leader? ><


Fans are greatly anticipating SJ Kyuhyun’s comeback on stage

Due to his ear infection which required surgery, Super Junior member Kyuhyun had to rest after his surgery last week but fans are questioning on his return on stage and anticipation is growing greatly on fans.


SS501 Park Jungmin shooting a taiwan drama?

SS501′s Park JungMin studies hard on Mandarin, will be shooting a taiwan drama? Possibility? We’ll await

SS501 Park JungMin’s contract with agency DSP expires in June, at this time to announce the news that he will be invading into the Mandarin drama world is indeed sensitive! He is already by nature very much interested in acting, after taking on the main lead in MBC drama “Human theater 2010″, he was able to show off his acting chops very much through acting as gangsters, beggars, restaurant waiter etc, winning accolades of many.