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the secret behind WG tatooes

The Wonder Girls aren’t only gaining popularity from their new title song 2 Different Tears, but their strikingly unique concept for this album is also becoming sensational.

2 Different tears revives the once popular disco phase of the 1980s with an emphasis on the fashion concept as well: retro denim look + chic black laces. Netizens have eyed their new concept in a favorable manner and have admitted that the new concept balances well with the innocent yet sexy images of the girls.

So, which stands out the most among these hot fashion items? Their tattoos. With a chain-like shape, the tattoos cast a powerful and womanly aura. Each of the members have a tattoo design of a trendy item from the designer brand Chanel’s 2010 collection displayed on their arms and legs. Without hesitation, the girls decided to use this item as a part of their new concept soon after eyeing this collection. Even amongst the American fashionistas, this is the new ‘it’ item.

Wondergirls’ stylist Kim Hyo Jung explained, “To match the atmosphere of this song, we thought of adding the tattoo concept to liven up the punk feel.”

Of course, these aren’t legitimate tattoos. The girls use sticker tattoos for their stage performances that easily wash off.

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