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Who’s the baddest female in k-pop?

Who’s the baddest and toughest female idol in all of k-pop? Here’s a hint: She’s from 2NE1 but it’s not probably who you’re thinking. Apparently 2NE1’s rapping leader CL isn’t the self proclaimed baddest femalee as netizens have chosen the group’s adorkable member Sandara Park!

According to a poll survey that began last month on May 24th, netizens were asked, “Which idol member is bad / tough like Kristen Stewart’s character in the movie ‘Runaways’?

Many responded to Sandara Park as the “baddest / toughest” girl and the reasoning was, “We think Sandara Park is like Kristen Stewart’s transformation in the movie ‘Runaways’. She captures both that tough exterior but also harbors an inner feminine side.

Placing close in 2nd was 4minute’s beautiful HyunA with Kara’s Goo Hara and Wonder Girls member Sohee tying at third.

Do you guys agree with these results? Perhaps Dara and HyunA but Hara and Sohee?! Though they’re not exactly your typical “jets” and “sharks”, those are four girls I wouldn’t mind getting mugged by!