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2PM’s Nichkhun shaves his head?

On the 29th, Nichkhun uploaded a picture of him, his 2PM members (Junho and Taecyeon), and a friend having lunch together onto his Twitter.

Along with the picture, Nichkhun posted, “Hehehehehe lunch with the boys… And some other kids here…it is a saturday…-_- hehehe”

In the picture, the boys are all smiling and looking pretty, but something about it caught the eagle eyes of the netizens. So what exactly was wrong with the picture?

Apparently, to the netizens, the so-called Thai Prince looked bald.

Netizens who saw this photo commented, “I was surprised because I thought Nichkhun shaved his hair off,” and “He looks bald because of the lighting.”

Then about an hour later, he tweeted another picture along with the caption, “Ohhhh yumm yumm!!! Kekekekekekekek junho’s buying! ^^” In the second picture, Nichkhun is seen posing with Taecyeon and some desserts that Junho apparently bought.

Nichkhun recently underwent a drastic change in physical appearance by dying his hair blonde for 2PM’s Without U concept. Although it may have been difficult to accept his new hair color at first, fans eventually embraced it.

Do you think he could pull off a shaved head look too?

Cr : allkpop

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