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3AM receives heat from international netizens!

3AM?! Yes, you heard right. From 2PM to 2AM, it seems like we now have a 3AM on our hands!

3AM (Three/3 Acoustic Men) is a fairly new Filipino boy band who received their group name based on their amazing vocal talents. As you may have noticed, however, their name is extremely similar to that of 2AM, which has got Filipino K-pop–more specifically, 2AM–fans and other international fans upset. In addition, their vocal skills seem almost good enough to rival with 2AM’s.

As of now, Korean netizens either frankly don’t care about the similar names or seem quite unaware of this situation. However, if they do uncover the issue, we all know that there will be quite the riot in our hands.

I personally don’t want to see this new group receiving heat for something so simple as similarities in the name, but we all know how sensitive fans can be. And it would be quite a shame to let all their talents go to waste.

What are your opinions on this group?

cr : allkpop

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