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[UPDATED] Was Chansung bullying or joking around with Nichkhun?

Big Bang’s Seungri isn’t the only male idol who has been perceived as a victim of his fellow group member’s alleged abuse.

In a bulletin titled “Truth to rumors of Nichkhun’s mistreatment?” on an internet portal community site, a netizen posted up photos that have been gaining both increasing attention and a controversial response.

The photos display 2PM members rehearsing on stage at a music program, where Chansung was caught grabbing Nichkhun’s neck.

he hot reaction from netizens is divided into two opinions.

Some netizens commented, “Are the rumors of Nichkhun’s mistreatment by other 2PM members true?”, “Nichkhun’s bothered expression is sad”, and “Chansung was being too harsh.”

On the other hand, 2PM fans defended, “They’re genuinely joking around. The two people are close”, and “Chansung is actually showing concern for Nichkhun, who has a sore throat.”

The netizens backfired, “Even if Chansung was joking around, to do that to a hyung who is 2 years older than him is really harsh”, and “This is a situation that deserves closer observation.”

Following 2PM’s conference back, there were already rumors running rampant regarding Nichkhun’s mistreatment by the other 2PM members. As a result, these seeming harmless photos have only fueled netizens with more hatred towards 5PM and more sympathy towards Angel Khun.

Perhaps the hawk-eyed netizens made such accusations without noticing Chansung’s hand around Nichkhun’s waist in the third photo? Just sayin’.

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