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2010 Dream Concert is a huge success (concert summary)

The 2010 Dream Concert was a success as over 45,000 fans in attendance were in place and did not waver despite the rain pouring over them. The dream concert did not fail to impress and staged the biggest performances of the year yet. They had over 20 idol’s in attendance including SNSD, Super Junior, SS501, Rain, Lee Hyori and many more.

At May 22, at 7:00 pm KST at the Seoul World Cup Stadium, the 2010 Republic of Korea Dream Concert was held.

Kim Heechul and Taecyeon the male MC’s of the the concert lightened up the mood a little by greeting the fans and said, “We all hope you are all enjoying the place and did not suffer from the rain”. U-kiss took the stage first and warmed up the stage as they performed “What” and “Man Man Ha Ni”.

In fact, before the concert started, it started to rain heavily by afternoon when the fans started to enter the venue, but despite the rain, the fans were wearing rain coats and bringing umbrella’s and still went on and watched the concert.

After U-kiss, Rainbow took the stage and performed “Gossip Girl” and showed their choreography which received a lot of cheers from fans. After their performance MC Kim Heechul said, “The future seems to be a fan of Rainbow”.

Following Rainbow on the stage was F.Cuz, ZE:A (Children of empire), CNBlue, MBLAQ, then f(x) which filled the atmosphere with a lot of hot charisma. Davichi followed in and performed “Stopping time” and “I really messed up” and turned up the notch and showed their explosive vocals to the fans surprise.

After Davichi, KARA took the stage which made an uproar from the fans. They performed “Lupin” which garnered a lot of fans shouting fan chants during the performance. Much awaited Wonder Girls performed in next and performed “2 Different tears”, “tell me”, “So Hot” and “Nobody”, they performed their hit songs which reminisced all the wonder girls classics along with their new song.

and then, there was a small accident as 4minute was introduced twice because their music would not play, eventually the MC’s had to call in 4minute twice because of the technical error. 4minute performed “HuH”.

The “sexy warriors” took on the stage as SNSD and Lee Hyori rocked the stage and intensified the atmosphere with their hot performances. SNSD performed “Run Devil Run” which received so much reactions from fans, fans loud cheers were pouring as SNSD performed. After School also brought the stage on fire and performed “bang!”.

Lee Hyori also performed “Bring it Back” along with After School Bekah and 4minute JiHyun and sung “chitty chitty bang bang” afterwards.

Lee Hyroi said after her performance, “12 years ago I first had my stage and this has been one of the longest run. I always feel young and when I am on stage it always makes me feel better”.

The Male idol group’s followed in which made the 45,000 fans jumping off their feet’s. SHINee took the stage and performed “Ring Ding Dong” and “Replay”. BEAST followed and performed “Shock”, “Mystery” and “Special” singing a total of three songs which were huge hits since their debut, despite the slight accident where Dongwoon fell on stage during their performance because of the slippery floor caused by the rain, he still stood up and performed.

SS501 followed in with Kim Hyun Joong and performed a dance ballad “Let me be the one” which got fans emotional since Kim Hyun Joong was still healing his wounds and injuries, he still performed on stage for the fans.

Rain took the stage next and performed “Hip Song” after his performance, he joked around and said, “Thank You a lot, Today it is RAINing im very sorry that the RAIN came” which got the fans laughing in their seats.

2PM followed and because Junsu’s conditioned worsened and he could no longer stand on stage, the 5 members of 2pm still performed “Dont Stop Cant Stop” and “Without U”. While they were performing the fans chanted “2PM PARK JAEBEOM” which attracted a lot of attention.

Super Junior took the stage by storm and performed “bonamana” and “Sorry Sorry” which got the fans of fire and chanted along while they performed and sealed the concert as a Huge success.

About 45,000 fans were present during the concert and showed their support to the idol groups and singers. The 2010 Dream Concert ended well and safely and everyone was able to see their favorite idol’s on stage.

The 2010 Dream Concert will be aired on SBS at May 30, 2010.

Source: Starnews
Credits: Blueprincess824 @ dailykpopnews

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