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SNSD and 2PM release Caribbean Bay MV

After so much teasing in the past few weeks, and releasing the full song earlier today together with some video snippets, the Caribbean Bay MV is finally out. It is based on the concept of “Who will be the hottest Cabi?” and shows the love story and hot passions of young individuals in a dramatic story. chek it out below!

source : allkpop

‘Idol’ Baby-faced Star vs. Mature-looking Star, What Are The Charms of The Two?

Nowadays the general trend in the world of idol groups the different looking stars’ charm and appeal are gartering attention, exploring the baby-faced people and young-looking stars who are the objects of envy while mature-looking stars capture fans with the charm of looking more mature than their actual age.

In the world of the best artists the group M4 was formed between friends of the same age, born in the year 1972. Netizens were shocked that singer Kim Won Jun and Bae Kisung from the group were of the same age. Unable to guess the stars’ age like those in the group M4, surprising baby-faced stars and mature-looking stars can be distinguished.

◆First Battle
– Sandara Pak vs Ye Eun

Though year ’84-born Sandara Pak is five years older than ’89-born Ye Eun, she looks younger.

Girl group 2NE1’s member Sandara Pak, her age being in the latter half of the twenties, is an officially recognized baby-faced star with unbelievably smooth skin and wrinkle-free face. Her face, giving off an innocent charm, mixed with the hip hop group’s unique force, radiate a distinct charm.

On the other hand, the yet-to-have a comeback girl group, the Wonder Girls’ Ye Eun’s charm is a ‘mature beauty.’ Though she debuted at a young age, her sophisticated actions and her getting older amplify her charm.

Meanwhile as the Wonder Girls indicated the release of their fourth album May 16th and upcoming activities in Korea, and 2NE1 who announced their upcoming summer comeback, we will have to wait for the war for the ‘true girl group.’ The battle between each group’s members, Sandara Pak and Ye Eun’s charms, has been gartering a lot of interest.

◆Second Battle
– Sohee vs Hyuna

Of the year ’92, the same age, Sohee and Hyuna show off different charms though they are still not adults.

Girl group Wonder Girls member Sohee is nicknamed ‘Dumpling Sohee’ for a baby-face’s signature cheeks and a small jaw. Also having a baby-faced face, she has a contradicting curvy body to which fans say she shows off her multitudinous* charm.

In the meantime, girl group 4Minute member Hyuna is proclaimed a ‘sexy idol,’ radiating a sex appeal at her young age. Because her sex appeal is quite excessive, she receives harsh criticism, though there are other girls that have come-of-age who are exposed, but also receives her male fans’ fiery cheers.

All the while, Hyuna, who withdrew from the Wonder Girls due to her issue of health, can be expected to open a national event, meeting with the Wonder Girls again after a long hiatus. Of the same age and as friends, girl group rivals Sohee and Hyuna’s head-to-head has peaked fans’ interests.

◆Third Battle
– Onew vs Taecyeon

Year ’89-born Onew and ’88-born Taekyeon are only a year apart but by appearances alone there seems to be a difference of three to four years.

Through group SHINee member Onew’s smiling eyes and good impressions, he is the classic baby-faced star of guy idols. Fans after seeing Onew say “he’s still like a high school student
,” “Along with the young face, he has the powerful singing ability of a kind heart” hinting at their envy.

Meanwhile 2PM member Taecyeon, nicknamed a ‘hunky idol,’ with dark, smoky make-up and masculine figure, displays a manly charm. 2PM’s noona fans say “He’s younger than me but I want to call him ‘oppa’**,” “I want to hug his broad chest” when seeing him.

These types may differ from each other but the idol stars’ diversity, overwhelming with different charms, keeps fans screaming.

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CNBlue tops the real time charts with their song “Love”

CNBlue has topped and ranked no. 1 at the real time charts of online music website Monkey3 and Hanteo real time charts.

CNBlue was released their second mini album “BLUELOVE” in may 19th, which contained 6 songs mainly, “Love”, “Sweet Holiday”, “Black Flower”, “Tattoo”, “Love Light” and “Lets go crazy”.

CNBlue was able to snag the number 1 spot with their title song “Love” which is an acoustic song that blended well with their voices and raps. Also they took the number 1 spot beating Davichi, Wonder Girls and many others.

Meanwhile, CNBlue will have their comeback stage on May 20th at m!Countdown.

Source: Newsen

Dong Bang Shin Ki trio’s new group name ‘J.Y.J’?

Dong Bang Shin Ki Xiah JunSu, Micky YooChun and Hero JaeJoong will promote under the nickname of ‘J.Y.J’.

at 5th June, the 3 members will hold a large scale fanmeeting concert in Tokyo Dome, and they will be holding the concert as ‘J.Y.J’ made up of the initials of each of the members.

A representative of the 3 members revealed on 19th May, “Ahead of their event, AVEX has decided to go with ‘J.Y.J’ for the logo for the concert. Even though they will promote as J.Y.J for the concert, it is not their confirmed group name. We will not know the group name until AVEX releases an official announcement.”

Meanwhile, there will be 4 fanmeeting concert performances for their upcoming event.

taken from Daily K Pop News

CN Blue spreads the LOVE at M! Countdown!

CN Blue, a Hot rookie band with four member is appearing in their comeback stage on m!countdown with their new song LOVE and sweet holiday.
The boys performed their title track Love as well as another track from their latest album titled Sweet Holiday. Their upbeat, modern rock songs with acoustic and electric guitar sound will surely get you addicted to CNBLUE once again. Check out their two terrific performances below!

i think this one (love) is become another hit. are you agree with me?

source : Daily K Pop News , allkpop