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After School’s self written book “Playgirlz” gets published

Girl group After School debut’s as writers.

According to their agency on the 17th, After School’s self written book entitled “Play Girlz” was published on the 28th of May.

This is rather rare for a Girl Group to engage in. The book is filled with self written essays and stories from each of the members.

With a total of 8 members, the book will show Passion, Challenge, Love, Dreams, Frustrations and many more, they used these key ingredients to write something from the heard, also it will showing the members own intimate stories with a lot of emotion.

“Play Girls” took two weeks from May 14 to 28 to publish and it will be released on major online bookstores.

After School will be having a launch party with the fans and media on it’s release by June and also will be holding a brunch along with a charity event that will help raise money and sponsor donations to help the hungry children and children foundations.

source : Starnews
taken from : Daily K Pop News

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