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Super Junior Kangin To Enter Military in October

grup yang mendapatkan penghargaan album terbaik tahun 2009, anggota Super Junior Kangin(Kim Young Woon) akan masuk wajib militer dan menjadi prajurit pada akhir Oktober.

perwakilan militer mengatakan ‘Kangin akan menerima surat wajib militer nya pada bulan September, dan bersiap untuk bergabung dengan militer pada akhir Oktober’

SM juga sudah mengatakan sebelum nya, bahwa mereka setuju dan mendukung keputusan Kangin, dan Kangin tdk akan berpartisipasi dalam album ke 4 Super Junior. sementara itu, Kangin telah memposting ucapan salam kepada fans nya di fancafe camomile, dimana dia menyuruh ELF untuk mendukung album ke 4 suju dan akan kembali setelah wajib militer.

Source: hkn24 & sjfamily.cn
Translation: 눈웃음 (: @ sj-world.net
Take Out With Full Credits

Pesan Kangin di fancafe nya:

Hello, it’s KangIn. How are you?
As you know, I am having a time to look back on myself. I am finally posting after several tries of erasing and writing again.
I really want to say that I’m sorry with my head bowing down to all of you who supported me and loved me all the way.
My days are now about regretting and reflecting on why I just went by so many things that are important to me.
I’ve had a lot to think about every time someone asked me if I was going to be part of 4jib activities.

As a result, I am finally posting this.

4jib album’s work is almost over, now waiting to meet the fans..
And for me, I thought that it was too early for me to take part in 4jib album activities and thought that I’d better have more time to think about myself… So I don’t think I’ll be seeing you guys for the upcoming activities.

The army.. where as a Korean man, you have to go once in your life..
I was wondering of when I should go and now I think it’s time for me to do so.
I don’t have an exact date, but I will be enrolling in the army in a short while.

But I’m always cheering for our members up close, and on the stage with them all the time.
The album was done by our members who tried really hard, so please give lots of love.
As KangIn cannot exist without Super Junior, Please give a lot of support and love.

I want to be back as soon as possible to be with the members so you guys can see it.

Please cheer for Super Junior, as it’s my beginning and end.

All of you fans make sure you stay healthy.

Hope everything works out for you.

I’ll be Back~~^^*

*he wrote in English

English Translation: Chrissy @ TwELFs.com

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