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Jo Kwon has met his match and is nervous when Heechul appeared!

“kkapkwon” Jo Kwon felt nervous on the emergence of Kim Heechul in Family Outing 2!

On the May 2 broadcast of SBS “Good Sunday” Family outing 2, a new member and a “special friend” appeared and spent 2 days and 1 night together with the family in Family Outing 2.

SNSD Yoona was surprised when Super Junior Kim Heechul joined the family and the family’s resident mascot “kkapkwon” Jo Kwon had finally met his match with their strong appearance and personality!

On the first appearance of Kim Heechul, he said that “Yoona, ah, were not exactly close” as he was asked how close they were with Yoona being in the same company.

What else was surprising was Jo Kwon who suddenly showed signs of slowing down with his bursting energy, and there was a tension in the atmosphere with Kim Heechul present among the family members. But Jo Kwon still said proudly that He and Kim Heechul have different styles and they have different objectives.

Then as they talked, the mood started to switch, they suddenly had a dance off with Heechul and Jo Kwon and competed to mimic the facial expression of singer Jo Sung Mo, with the competition, Jo Kwon seemed to have taken control of the situation. Jo Kwon even performed a “kkapkwon” version of SNSD’s gee dance routine.

Kim Heechul is already and experienced MC and a DJ, he was very Outgoing during the show and he is the newest member of the family in Family Outing 2. Meanwhile, the competition between Jo Kwon and Heechul is still not over and more are to come of future episodes.

Source: Newsen + nate
Credits: Blueprincess824 @ dailykpopnews

taken from Daily K Pop News

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