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Onew and Gil to be MCs for a new show!

Along with Shin Dongyup and Yoon Jongshin, Leessang’s Gil and SHINee’s Onew are joining as MCs for KBS 2TV’s new variety show ‘Ya Haeng Sung’ to air this May.

A KBS representative shared with us on the 28th, “Gil and Onew have been chosen to be MCs for Ya Haeng Sung.”

On the program we’ll see the MCs directly seek out ordinary people who are active at night and the program will seek to gain a new perspective on night-life in Korea. The first recording will be on May 10th and the first episode will air May 16th.

T/N: Ya Haeng Sung is the Korean pronunciation of these 3 hanja: 夜行星, which mean night, to go, and star, respectively. Put them together and you get “going to the stars at night,” stars in this case, being the people who work hard through the night while everyone sleeps. (edit: some articles differ on this point, saying it’s based on celebrity stars, but the show’s website indicates otherwise. Maybe it’ll be a mix of both.)
taken from Daily K Pop News
Source: star news and found by phagre
translation by: okdubu @ omona_prection

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