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Rain and JYP ‘faceoff’

Korean pop singer Rain, who is arguably the biggest sensation throughout Asia, made “a slip of the tongue” during a TV show, which incurred a response from another formidable pop musician, Park Jing-young or better known as “JYP” among his fans.

Rain recently made a remark: “I already surpassed Park Jin-young,” a statement that could be interpreted as a sign of confidence or arrogance, depending on how it was seen.

During a show, aired by SBS on Friday, Rain said he received a personal text message from Park after the remark.

Park shot back to Rain: “Am I your jumping board?” said Newsen.com Saturday.

Judging that his remark might have irked Park’s anger, Rain came to his defense, by apologizing to Park. “Oh, no∼ there was misunderstanding,” Newsen. Com cited him as saying.

Park said: “Misunderstanding? What misunderstanding?” it said.

But Park apparently took Rain’s comment in good faith. He later told Rain. “No worries. I enjoyed it.”

Park is one of Korea’s best pop musicians, who is well known for his talents in singing, dancing, song-writing since 1994. He later extended music career by forming JYP Entertainment, a production company in 1999 which is one of the biggest talent and music producing companies in South Korea.

Great talents like Jinju, G.O.D., Byul, Lim Jeong Hee, Min, Noel, Ivy, Park Ji-yoon and Rain all got their start there.

Source:Korea Times
shared by:sukira@dkpopnews.net

taken from Daily K Pop News

U-Kiss performs What on Music Core

A few days ago, seven member boy group U-Kiss released a new version of their current promotional track, What. The boys and the producers proved that is was possible to make the already infectious track even more addicting.

As the boys took the stage today, it seems as though their energy shot through the roof along with the high energy the song already displays. So did you guys think the upgraded version of their song was worth the time, or do you happen to prefer the older version? Check their performance out below and tell us what you think!

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2AM says goodbye on Music Core

Time sure flies as it seemed like only yesterday when 2AM made a comeback into the music scene with Can’t Let You Go Even If I Die and I Did Wrong.

Wrapping up their promotional activities this week, 2AM performed I Did Wrong for the last time on Music Core.

Although fans are sure to be sad about this news, you still catch them on their special goodbye performance on Inkigayo this week. In addition, We Got Married will air a special episode of leader Jo Kwon and Ga-In tomorrow and Seulong will continue to appear in Personal Taste.

However, until they come back with another great hit, watch their amazing performance below!

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2PM’s Comeback Stage On Music Core !

2PM’s comeback ! I only can say the boys are getting hotter and in fact more masculine . Fan girls out there , please get ready with boxes of tissues .

Credits to : UnknownCarrot220@YT
taken from Daily K Pop News

Wonder Girls, 2PM, Kara, BEAST leaving for USA: ‘What about promotions in Korea?’

Idol groups Kara, 2PM, Wonder Girls, and Beast are boarding planes for America.

They are going to America to perform at the May 1st ‘Korean Music Festival’ in LA’s Hollywood Bowl. This is the 8th KMF.

Kara has entered a period of rest after finishing their promotions for their current album, while 2PM has just entered promotions for their third single album’s title track ‘Without U.’ 2PM, who is departing on the 29th, has already pre-recorded comeback performances for regular music programs that will air from the 30th.

The Wonder Girls, who are releasing a new album in May, will take the stage with new member Hyelim. Until now, they have been the opening act for the Jonas Brothers’ tour across America, so the atmosphere of American activities and American stages are not unfamiliar to them.

[omitted information on BEAST]

Besides the idol stars mentioned above, Joo Hyun Mi, Lee Eun Mi, Kim Jong Kook, Lee Ssang, Yoon Soo Il, and Haha will be performing at the ‘Korean Music Festival.’

Reported by: Lee Un Hyuk
Credit: NATE News
Article: http://news.nate.com/view/20100429n06560
Translated by 49.5bananas @ W2
Taken from Daily K Pop News

Onew and Gil to be MCs for a new show!

Along with Shin Dongyup and Yoon Jongshin, Leessang’s Gil and SHINee’s Onew are joining as MCs for KBS 2TV’s new variety show ‘Ya Haeng Sung’ to air this May.

A KBS representative shared with us on the 28th, “Gil and Onew have been chosen to be MCs for Ya Haeng Sung.”

On the program we’ll see the MCs directly seek out ordinary people who are active at night and the program will seek to gain a new perspective on night-life in Korea. The first recording will be on May 10th and the first episode will air May 16th.

T/N: Ya Haeng Sung is the Korean pronunciation of these 3 hanja: 夜行星, which mean night, to go, and star, respectively. Put them together and you get “going to the stars at night,” stars in this case, being the people who work hard through the night while everyone sleeps. (edit: some articles differ on this point, saying it’s based on celebrity stars, but the show’s website indicates otherwise. Maybe it’ll be a mix of both.)
taken from Daily K Pop News
Source: star news and found by phagre
translation by: okdubu @ omona_prection

Onew – Musical ‘Brothers were brave’ Curtain call (Full ver.)

Back in February SHINee’s Onew was going to have the lead role of Joo-Bong in the musical Brothers Were Brave. The musical takes place on various dates from April 8th to June 20th in Coex Theaters. Well, ETN recently covered Onew’s foray into musicals and in this clip you can see Onew practicing and also showing off his acting + singing abilities.

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video: SpringRabbit[.]com
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2PM vs Jaebum, which path will the fandom take?

2PM vs Jaebum, which path will the fandom take?

With the announcement of Jaebum’s return to Korea this June, much attention is being spotlighted onto the fans that have turned their backs on 2PM after the conference versus the ones that are still supporting them.

Omit summary.

Eventually, Jaebum was branded as a member that had a severe private life and 2PM earned the nickname of ‘Betrayor Idols.’ The fans had suffered under the hopeful torture led by JYPE, fully believing that Jaebum would return. The situation exploded, and with the help of the press, Jaebum and his fans along with 2PM and JYPE all became the victims of the controversy.

The fans that were betrayed by 2PM and used in the hopeful torture tactics by JYPE declared a boycott on all variety programs with 2PM, their advertisements, and their albums. JYPE ignored the declaration and kept their silence, finally coming out with 2PM’s third mini album, ‘Don’t Stop Can’t Stop.’

The album was met with intense criticism from many, stating that the anger of their fans had not even been extinguished yet and they were already releasing an album. The ‘timing’ of it was less than fortunate. Omit summary.

However, it is too early to state that their comeback is a success. Netizens that have heard their latest track have shown negative responses, especially due to the controversial lyrics of ‘Without U’ explicitly referencing to the Jaebum controversy. Netizens have targeted 2PM and JYPE for the loss of credit.

Omit summary on Jay + Hype Nation + Youtube.

Jaebum may be receiving much love and support from his fans, his return to Korea is not looked upon as positively as it sounds. JYPE has already drilled it into the public that Jaebum has a ‘severe private life’ and many have come forward to state their opinions, saying that they feel uncomfortable that Jaebum is attempting to return to his activities without a proper clarification regarding his mistake.

2PM fans are also worried about Jaebum’s activities giving a negative influence to 2PM. Because of the situation, many are wondering how 2PM fans will react to Jaebum’s fans once he returns. Some anticipate an emotional rivalry. 2PM and Jaebum may be looking forward to a successful comeback, but they still both have ‘homework’ left to complete.

The fandom of stars are now a part of culture and a source of strength. The spotlight is on the fans of 2PM and the fans of Jaebum, making many wonder whether the two will be able to continue their successful paths with the support of their fans.

taken fromDaily K Pop News

poll best male cheerleaders yonghwa nominated

Step 1: go to the voting website: http://news.nate.com/worldcup2010/dream

Press the white “go” button to advance to next step

Then, you will see the start page like this, press the “start” button to start playing

nanti disana ada 32 kandidat dan salah satunya ada uri leader yonghwa. so, vote yang banyak ya chingu ^^

SS501 gets ready for 501day and concept photo’s released?

SS501 on midnight May 1 released new photo’s from a pictorial.

SS501 finished up their asian “persona” tour and they will doing an encore concert today May 1 and also knows as 501DAY. SS501 leader Kim Hyun Joong promised before that they will be releasing a new album by May 1 but instead a pictorial spread was released.

SS501 member Kim Kyu Jong said on their official website that “There’s not much time left~” with a message of gratitude and thanks to fans also leaving a hint that their new album’s release is fast approaching.

Since the images were uploaded on their official website, the website’s server crashed because of too much traffic, to many fans were viewing the same thing at the same time marking a hot response to their new image.

Meanwhile, SS501 is scheduled to release a new album this May and have their comeback.

taken from Daily K Pop News
Source: newsen
Credits: blueprincess824@dailykpopnews

Official Fanclub, Single Release, Live Performances at Japan!

CNBLUE Fanclub for Japanese, “BOICE Japan” is now officially determined. Registration will start on May 7, details will be later posted at their Japanese Official Site.

CNBLUE will release a single on June 23, 2010 at Japan. The single is still untitled. Along with its release, there will be Live Performances!

Live Performances Schedule:

* June 23 (Wed) Shinsaibashi CLUB QUATTRO
* June 26 (Sat) Yokohama BLITZ

Additional details such as tickets can be asked from the respective venues, just click on the name of the venue above. =)

***The venue above seems to be bigger, wider or larger than their previous venues of their Live performances.

Moreover, CNBLUE’s song “Hitoribocchi” or “Alone” will be played at Japan InterFM K-Generation tomorrow (May 2) at 18:00-19:00.

taken from CN Blue Storm

Source: CNBLUE Official Japanese Site
Posted by Lyna@cnbluestorm. Translations with the help of google. XD

f(x) mini-album tracklist revealed

f(x) mini-album tracklist revealed

Not too long ago, girl group f(x) released the music video teaser for their comeback title track NU ABO. Now we get a glimpse at the upcoming mini-album’s track list!

01. NU 예삐오 (NU ABO)
02. Mr. Boogie
03. 아이스크림
04. ME+U
05. Surprise Party
06. Sorry (Dear. Daddy)

With a brand new look and another brand new sound, f(x) is not conforming to the social standard of k-pop. Their comeback is just around the corner but we’ve still got just a little more waiting to do. And just in case you missed it:

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