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Gummy releases teaser for As a Man starring Kim Hyun Joong

Gummy releases teaser for As a Man starring Kim Hyun Joong

Talented singer Gummy’s new mini album title song As a Man teaser was released earlier today.

The song As a Man has been receiving a lot of attention as one of Teddy’s productions and became an even greater subject of attention when it was revealed that SS501’s handsome Kim Hyun Joong and actress Jung Ryeo Won would be featured in the song’s MV.

Kim Hyun Joong’s detailed acting expressions and eyes that appeared to be full of happiness further showed his charm as he successfully portrayed the song. Along with the teaser, a portion of As a Man was also revealed.

The melody heard in the 30 second teaser appeared to be a level upgraded from Gummy’s usual songs as her vocals mixed well with the song’s beat.

taken from allkpop

SHINee’s cheer message for Onew’s Musical “Brothers Were Brave”

SHINee’s cheer message for Onew’s Musical “Brothers Were Brave”

still within the framework of his musical debut ‘Brothers Were Brave’, other members of SHINee gave their leader support to him. check out his video below.

taken from : koreanindo.worpress.com

[Blog] Do not worry! ~Jung Yong Hwa (04.29.2010)

[Blog] Do not worry! ~Jung Yong Hwa (04.29.2010)

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Hello this is Jung YongHwa!

I am writing because I’m worried that you guys might be worrying about me..

Truthfully, when we had that stage on Chocolate, it started to feel a bit off then.
My neck was in a bad condition, so I was really desperate.
It was a song that I used to sing often, but it was hard.

So when I got on stage, I made a lot of mistakes
And I felt really bad because we couldn’t show good sides of us.

After Chocolate filming, I went to the hospital for a checkup
Huk! I was so surprised because the matter wasn’t simply my voice being gone.

At a time when I should be only showing 100% of me,
But I was so sad towards the fans and the audience because I couldn’t even show 1%

Because it had been a while since I performed live in front of the Korean fans, so I wanted to better…
But still, I think through this experience I got a chance to learn again.

And I’m really glad that it could be cured through little talking not surgery.
All I want to do I get to sing on stage as soon as possible

Don’t worry about me ~
I will give it my all thinking of the BOICE always cheering for us!

It shouldn’t take long~ Please anticipate our next album!

Thank you.. BOICE ~ Bye!

We truly enjoyed that 1%, Leader. Boice would be praying for you until you can show us the remaining 99%!

taken from : CNBluestrom.

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