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2AM Jokwon – an Evidence of Yoona (SNSD), Sohee (WG), & Hyomin (T-ara) on His Phone?

2AM Jokwon – an Evidence of Yoona (SNSD), Sohee (WG), & Hyomin (T-ara) on His Phone?

2AM’s JoKwon revealed that he has a close relationship not only with Gain, but also with Yoona.

JoKwon of 2AM who’s doing well right now revealed some text messages that he received from Yoona on a SBS Program ‘HahaMongShow’ that will broadcast on May 1st.

When the MCs were cleaning JoKwon’s room in the dorm, they discovered not only Yoona’s message, but also from Wonder Girl’s Sohee and T-ara’s Hyomin. They found some evidence of the girl groups’ member.

Especially on Yoona’s message, “my whole body aches~”. Then Haha & MC Mong interrogated Jo Kwon. His face turned red. He ran away with some excuse like saying that it’s after they film Family Outing 2.

And today when he was filming the corner ‘Mother’s Favor’, suddenly he shed tears. The corner is where Haha & MC Mong become the mothers of the idols for a day.When they’re talking about some related things to mother, he shared some stories and memories about his childhood.Then he remembered his mother and shed tears.
taken from Daily K Pop News

source : http://www.asiae.co.kr/news/view.htm?idxno…042411265462219
cr : theana93 (trans) @ diadem + asiae

SNSD celebrates their 1000th day since debut

SNSD gave a special shoutout to fans on their official website to mark their 1000th day since debut. That sounds like so much and it technically is! It’s almost three years but not quite there yet.

On the 30th, the individual girls uploaded their thank you messages on their website with a lovable picture of themselves.

Taeyeon said, “It was a short time but it was more happy and I was more proud because I was with SONES. It has been touching days. It’s a new beginning. We have many days to spend together as well as days we need to. Let’s be more strong. We are our world’s reality.”

Jessica wrote, “I’m bad at expressing myself. I love you guys.” Sunny said, “I won’t rush the days in the future and enjoy them one by one. SNSD and SONES are one.”

Tiffany wrote, “You can’t easily go down from a place that was so hard to climb. I pray that we’ll be together until the end and until we reach the top.”

Hyoyeon said, “When it’s so hard to keep going, I think about the pink balloons SONES shake around. I work hard with the energy from SONES.”

Yuri messaged, “Thank you for sharing and going through the happy and hard moments. Some of them must have been hard to endure. Thank you and thank you.”

Sooyoung wrote, “I’m working hard to not take the fans’ love for granted. We will not forget our morals from Into the New World days and work our best.”

Yoona said, “There were many sad and happy things. I’m so thankful we could do all those together. SONES have the cheers. Don’t cheat on us.”

Maknae Seohyun “SONES are like the water to nine seeds. We will become the SNSD you are proud of. Let’s make more memories together.”

On the 30th, they will end Run Devil Run and Oh! promotions all in all.

taken from allkpop

2AM did wrong on Music Bank!

With the naval ship mourning passing, our live music programs return but it seems it wasn’t fast enough as 2AM performs I Did Wrong on Music Bank for the last time.

2AM definitely took the new year head on and made quite an impressive comeback with Can’t Let You Go Even If I Die and the follow up dance track I Did Wrong.

And even though this is their last performance on Music Bank, you can expect a special goodbye performance on this week’s Inkigayo. But for now just watch below as the boys of 2AM admit with addictive choreography that they did wrong on stage.

taken from allkpop

Gummy releases teaser for As a Man starring Kim Hyun Joong

Gummy releases teaser for As a Man starring Kim Hyun Joong

Talented singer Gummy’s new mini album title song As a Man teaser was released earlier today.

The song As a Man has been receiving a lot of attention as one of Teddy’s productions and became an even greater subject of attention when it was revealed that SS501’s handsome Kim Hyun Joong and actress Jung Ryeo Won would be featured in the song’s MV.

Kim Hyun Joong’s detailed acting expressions and eyes that appeared to be full of happiness further showed his charm as he successfully portrayed the song. Along with the teaser, a portion of As a Man was also revealed.

The melody heard in the 30 second teaser appeared to be a level upgraded from Gummy’s usual songs as her vocals mixed well with the song’s beat.

taken from allkpop

SHINee’s cheer message for Onew’s Musical “Brothers Were Brave”

SHINee’s cheer message for Onew’s Musical “Brothers Were Brave”

still within the framework of his musical debut ‘Brothers Were Brave’, other members of SHINee gave their leader support to him. check out his video below.

taken from : koreanindo.worpress.com

[Blog] Do not worry! ~Jung Yong Hwa (04.29.2010)

[Blog] Do not worry! ~Jung Yong Hwa (04.29.2010)

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Hello this is Jung YongHwa!

I am writing because I’m worried that you guys might be worrying about me..

Truthfully, when we had that stage on Chocolate, it started to feel a bit off then.
My neck was in a bad condition, so I was really desperate.
It was a song that I used to sing often, but it was hard.

So when I got on stage, I made a lot of mistakes
And I felt really bad because we couldn’t show good sides of us.

After Chocolate filming, I went to the hospital for a checkup
Huk! I was so surprised because the matter wasn’t simply my voice being gone.

At a time when I should be only showing 100% of me,
But I was so sad towards the fans and the audience because I couldn’t even show 1%

Because it had been a while since I performed live in front of the Korean fans, so I wanted to better…
But still, I think through this experience I got a chance to learn again.

And I’m really glad that it could be cured through little talking not surgery.
All I want to do I get to sing on stage as soon as possible

Don’t worry about me ~
I will give it my all thinking of the BOICE always cheering for us!

It shouldn’t take long~ Please anticipate our next album!

Thank you.. BOICE ~ Bye!

We truly enjoyed that 1%, Leader. Boice would be praying for you until you can show us the remaining 99%!

taken from : CNBluestrom.

Source: Official Site.
Translated by aoistars@CodeAzzurro.
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More f(x) Photo Concept for comeback

source : koreanindo.wordpress.com

Leader Jung Yonghwa has been diagnosed with Vocal Cord Nodules

Leader Jung Yonghwa has been diagnosed with Vocal Cord Nodules (04.28.2010)

CNBLUE’s leader Jung Yonghwa has been diagnosed with vocal cord nodules.

Jung Yonghwa’s agency, FNC Music, on the 28th said in an interview to Money Today Star News, “On the 21st of April on the set of SBS’s ‘Kim Jung Eun’s Chocolate,’ during the recording, Jung Yonghwa said his throat felt weird so we took him to the hospital where he was diagnosed with vocal cord nodules.”

Vocal cord nodules are small growths on the vocal cords that occur due to high levels of stress on the vocal cords (similar to a callus on the hand). They are commonly referred to as the singer’s nodule. Symptoms include a breathy voice and a hoarse throat.

At the rehearsal recording for ‘Chocolate,’ Jung Yonghwa repeatedly said that he felt his vocalization was off and that his throat felt weird.

An official said, “The first steps we have to take do not include surgery, the only thing the doctor recommended was that Jung Yonghwa take a break from all activities including CNBLUE’s new album.”

The representative also stated that the nodule was found at a very early stage and should be easily treated with some rest and relaxation. Unfortunately, CNBLUE’s album will be delayed, and the May release date that was planned will be delayed slightly.

Thankfully the sickness is not serious and Jung Yonghwa will be back soon. We wish him a fast and safe recovery.

Taken from allkpop.


I guess that means no Dream Concert cause it will be held on May 22. I don’t care if they’re gonna release the album after World Cup. What’s important is to restore Yonghwa’s health.

More information about Vocal Cord Nodules can be found here.

Treatment is to avoid whatever is irritating the larynx and rest the voice. If abuse of the voice is the cause, voice therapy conducted by a speech therapist may be needed to teach the person how to speak or sing without straining the vocal cords. Most nodules go away with this treatment, but most polyps must be surgically removed to restore the person’s normal voice.

***Yonghwa please take enough rest. We can wait for the album or any other activities, please focus on your health. We will always be here for you…

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M!Countdown SHINee Onew & Jonghyun -Like a Man

source: kahboon@youtube.com
credit : daum

CNBLUE posed for Hot Chili Paper Magazine (Vol.58)

Jong Hyun in the pervious hairstyle. it si very looking good. isn’t it?

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Seo Hyun & CN Blue_dance lesson

source : xbaybiiegee5@youtube.com

Thank U album

source : cnbluesky.net

the top idol CF stars for South Korea

wawancara skala besar telah diadakan oleh Bran38, dari 1-10 April, pada 1012 orang yang berumur diatas 17 tahun, dan pertanyaan nya adalah ‘siapakah bintang yang sangat baik sebagai model iklan?’

pada urutan pertama adalah 2PM, dan 16.01%, dan nomor 2 adalah MC Yoo Jae Seok, dan urutan ke 3 oleh SNSD dengan 13.34% dan 11.86%. ini daftar lengkap hasil polling. walaupun CN Blue masuk urutan ke-7 tapi udah merupakan kebanggaan untuk pendatang baru ^^

‘siapakah bintang yang sangat baik sebagai model iklan?’

1. 2PM (16.01%)
2. Yoo JaeSeok (13.34%)
3. So Nyeo Shi Dae (11.86%)
4. Kim YunA (9.49%)
5. Kang DongWon (9.19%)
6. 2AM
7. C.N Blue
8. Brown Eyed Girls
10. SHINee + T-ara

kita bisa melihat penyanyi idola masuk dalam 10 besar survei ini, dan ini adalah penyanyu idola yang juga masuk dalam survei.
* After School #14
* Super Junior #16
* Dong Bang Shin Ki #18
* KARA #20
* 2NE1 #24
* MBLAQ #25
* SS501 #25
* Davichi #30
* Big Bang #30
* 4Minute #30
* WonderGirls #36
* FT Island #36
* ZE:A #36

dan ada juga anggota yang lebih spesifik dari survei, antara lain:

* 2PM TaecYeon
* So Nyeo Shi Dae TaeYeon
* 2AM Jo Kwon
* CN Blue Jung YongHwa
* Brown Eyed Girls GaIn
* BEAST Yoon DooJoon
* SHINee JongHyun
* T-ara JiYeon
* After School UEE
* Super Junior Lee Teuk
* Dong Bang Shin Ki Xiah JunSu
* KARA Goo Hara
* 2NE1 Park Bom
* MBLAQ Lee Joon
* SS501 Kim HyunJoong
* f(x) Victoria
* 4Minute HyunA
* WonderGirls YeEun
* Big Bang TOP
* FT Island Lee HongKi
* ZE:A Moon JoonYeong
source: newsen
pic: sookyeong

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